Canada’s oldest and longest-running undergraduate business case competition, featuring eight different competitive events. 

The Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (I.C.B.C.) is Canada’s oldest and longest-running undergraduate business case competition, featuring eight different competitive events in which students can compete. These events are Accounting, Business Policy, Ethics, Debating, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Management of Information Systems. The competition is held annually in Kingston, Ontario in early January and hosts over 100 competitors from the top business schools across Canada as well as the globe.

I.C.B.C. has a number of key stakeholders that are incredibly important to the competition and help make it a success. This includes competitors, faculty advisors, judges, sponsors and volunteers.



Through an application process, schools are selected based on submitted statements of interest and several other aspects. Successful applicants are directly invited to I.C.B.C. Final Weekend. There is one spot allocated to the International Invitational in the entire competition, with the exception of the Debating event.


OCTOBER 11-28, 2017

In the fall, prospective competitors begin the I.C.B.C. journey through the Preliminary Round. In this selective process, students must analyze and devise solutions to complex business cases.  Once submitted, these case analyses are then evaluated by industry professional judges and the top 6 teams in each event are invited to compete at Final Weekend.


JANUARY 18-20, 2018

At Final Weekend, eight competitive events are held over two days, for which competing finalists are given about 5 hours to prepare. After preparing, teams present their solutions to a panel of judges, comprised of industry leaders and sponsor representatives. At the Final Banquet, the top three teams of each competitive event are announced.

The inaugural event of the competition, held in 1978, was the innovation of Geoff Arnoldi, BCOMM ’79, who modified a Cornell University competition.  I.C.B.C. ’78 was a one-day, three event competition in which ten universities competed in a computer simulated Business Game, a Business Policy Case, and a Debate.  New events were introduced in subsequent years, including Accounting, Labour Arbitration (which was replaced with Human Resources in 2010), Marketing, and Management of Information Systems (MIS).

In order to qualify for the Final Round of I.C.B.C., students had to compete in a Preliminary Round in teams of two (three for Business Policy). The competitors analyzed real-world simulation problems and provided a written case analysis. In 1988, the qualification structure of this round changed.  Instead of inviting the top five schools based on an overall score from their performance during the Preliminary Round, the top six teams from each individual event were invited to attend. This new structure further enhanced the ability of universities to be represented at the Final Round.

In 1995, Finance was introduced to the competition, and the Sheldon Chumir Foundation Ethics Event was added in 2001.  In 2001, American universities participated in I.C.B.C. for the first time and technology was integrated into the competition with the addition of laptops for competitor use during preparation and presentations.


The 2018 I.C.B.C. Executive Team is here! They have already begun to make the next I.C.B.C. the best that it can be - over the next few months, this team will be making Final Weekend and everything in between a reality. Leading them are the Co-Chair's of I.C.B.C.: Jessica Squared (Chen and Baliwalla)! Get to know them and the rest of the team below.


Jessica Chen

Back (and better than ever) for another run, Jessica is beyond excited to be returning for I.C.B.C..’s 40 th anniversary as Co-Chair. Having held both the Special Events Coordinator and University Liaison positions previously, Jessica is looking forward to sharing her I.C.B.C. experience and expanding her horizons in her new position. Jessica is going into her fourth year in the Queen’s Commerce program. When she’s not in Goodes Hall sipping on a coffee and on the school/I.C.B.C. grind, you can find her fashion designing, globe trotting, or playing with her two pups.


Jessica Baliwalla

Hailing from Toronto, Jessica is entering her fourth year in the Queen’s Commerce Program. After attending many conferences in her first and second year, she was drawn to I.C.B.C., volunteering two years ago and acting as the Special Events Coordinator the past year. She is looking forward to leading the team this year and organizing the conference’s 40th year. When she is not busy TAing or reading textbooks, she is sure to either be reading non-textbooks or doing anything outdoors.