Since its inception in 1978, I.C.B.C. has relied on the generous support of its valued corporate partners in order to unite, enrich, and challenge its competitors. As part of I.C.B.C. 2017, you will have the unique opportunity of gaining ongoing exposure throughout the year via three avenues within the I.C.B.C. competitive process: the Queen’s Case Competition (QCC), Preliminary Round, and the crown jewel event – I.C.B.C. Final Weekend.

On behalf of the Commerce Society at QSB and the I.C.B.C. executive, we are honoured to invite you to support this important avenue of business education. This year, we are working hard to improve the competition for both our competitors and sponsors. Please take a few moments to peruse the opportunities that I.C.B.C. is proud to offer for the upcoming competition.


What I.C.B.C. Offers



– Reach –

Network with students, competitors, and faculty from over 40 universities and 10 different countries!


– Networking –

Final Weekend includes 102 competitor finalists, 50+ SSB volunteers, 45+ industry professional judges, 30+ influential faculty advisors and 20 I.C.B.C. executive members!


– Brand exposure –

Network with competitors, volunteers, and the executive, while having your company’s name as the brand of the event!


– recruiting –

Get a head start on recruiting some of the top third and fourth year students in the Queen’s Commerce program. Sponsors are invited to set up informational booths and partake in multiple networking opportunities!




What are the benefits of sponsoring I.C.B.C.?

ICBC provides sponsoring firms with a fantastic opportunity to recruit high-quality students for internships and full-time positions. Many firms send representatives to watch and evaluate competitor presentations in the event related to their industry (Finance, Accounting, Marketing etc.). This allows firms to identify students with the strongest soft skills and knowledge of the firm’s industry. Networking sessions and evening socials throughout Final Weekend allow sponsoring firms to get to know competitors on a personal level as well.

Our sponsors also write the cases that are solved by competitors in the Preliminary Round and at Final Weekend. In the past, we have had firms write cases on real business situations they are encountering as a means of gathering new perspectives on problems and opportunities they are facing.

Moreover, sponsoring ICBC is a great branding opportunity. ICBC has established itself as Canada’s premier undergraduate business case competition over the last 40 years by consistently attracting top students from across the world. Final Weekend provides a terrific opportunity to promote your firm’s career opportunities, programs or products to a targeted, yet large audience of business students, faculty members and industry professional judges.

What are the benefits of sponsoring QCC?

Like ICBC, the Queen’s Case Competition (QCC) provides sponsoring firms with a great recruiting opportunity. The application process for QCC is competitive and ensures that ambitious students with an enthusiasm to learn are admitted to compete. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to get to know these students in both professional and casual settings. By sending judges to watch and evaluate presentations, you will see which students have the strongest analytical and soft skills. By attending our closing banquet and evening social, you will be able to get to know students on a more personal level. You can reach out to impressive students and encourage them to apply for positions at your firm.

We also offer a competition stream for first year Queen’s Commerce students. By sponsoring QCC, you can be one of the first companies to interact with and make a positive impression on Commerce students that are just one week into their university experience.

How does your Sponsorship Package pricing work?

Our pricing model differs from many other conferences. Rather than offering sponsors predefined packages of benefits for a specific price, we allow sponsors to select the specific benefits they want and only charge them for the ones they choose. For example, if you want to want to be the title sponsor of an ICBC Final Weekend event and send four firm representatives to Final Weekend networking events, you’d pay ($2500 + $500).

Who attends your events?

At QCC last year, 97 students competed. 44 of these students were first year, and the rest were either in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year in Queen’s Commerce. 21 industry professional judges attend, in addition to over Smith School of Business faculty and 20 ICBC executive team members.

Approximately 35 business schools that are primarily from Canada have students compete in ICBC’s Preliminary Round. Typically, 250 teams of two students submit written case solutions in the Preliminary Round with the goal of qualifying for ICBC Final Weekend. Of these 500 competitors, 102 qualify for Final Weekend. Additionally, 30+ Queen’s Commerce students volunteer at Final Weekend, 45+ industry professionals attend as judges, 30+ faculty advisors attend from competing schools and 20 ICBC. executive team members attend as organizers.

Our competitor survey last year showed that Final Weekend attendees were interested in working in the following fields:

  1. Consulting: 38%
  2. Finance: 22%
  3. Accounting: 18%
  4. Marketing: 14%
  5. Other: 8%

Who can I talk to about sponsoring I.C.B.C. or QCC?

Reach out to our Sponsorship Director Mark Laufert at mark.t.laufert@queensu.ca and he will be able to answer any further questions!