Since its inception in 1978, I.C.B.C. has relied on the generous support of its valued corporate partners in order to unite, enrich, and challenge its competitors. As part of I.C.B.C. 2018, you will have the unique opportunity of gaining ongoing exposure throughout the year via three avenues within the I.C.B.C. competitive process: the Queen’s Case Competition (QCC), Preliminary Round, and the crown jewel event – I.C.B.C. Final Weekend.

On behalf of the Commerce Society at QSB and the I.C.B.C. executive, we are honoured to invite you to support this important avenue of business education. This year, we are working hard to improve the competition for both our competitors and sponsors. Please take a few moments to peruse the opportunities that I.C.B.C. is proud to offer for the upcoming competition.





Please reach out to our Sponsorship Director, Claire Zhou, at claire.zhou@queensu.ca on how you can get started!