As this year marks the 40th Anniversary for the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition, our executive team decided to take a look back through the years, in an attempt to improve the experience of our I.C.B.C. competitors. Over the past few months, our team has put in a tremendous effort to draft a set of new rules in hopes of enhancing the I.C.B.C. experience. 

At this time, these rules have been approved by all relevant parties, and our team is eager to release these rule amendments to you and your respective schools. It is our hope that you too will find these adjustments to promote inclusivity and the competition’s integrity.  

Attached, please find a document highlighting the official I.C.B.C. 2018 Rule Changes, effective immediately. Should you have any concerns, please contact the I.C.B.C. co-chairs at

Good luck at Final Rounds!

NOTE: Currently, the Competitor Handbook is under construction - it will be uploaded soon!