This is the registration process for the Preliminary Round of the competition. To qualify for Final Weekend, schools must compete in the Preliminary Round (unless granted an International Invitational spot).

Step 1:

Register With Your School


I.C.B.C. requires that all competitors compete on behalf of their school, and as a result, must register for the competition through their academic institution.

Step 2:

Contact The University Liaison


The University Liaison can be reached at, or via the link below, and is responsible with ensuring an efficient and seamless registration process. Interested schools are also asked to contact the University Liaison for more information, along with review the I.C.B.C. Information Package.

Contact The University Liaison!

Step 3:

Select Your Competition Streams & Check Competition Eligibility


Schools must select which of the 7 competition streams they intend to compete in. The 7 competition streams (with maximum number of competitors per team in parentheses) are:

Accounting (2), Business Policy (3), Ethics (2), Finance (2), Human Resources (2), Marketing (2), and Management of Information Systems (2).

Please note that a school may only submit a maximum of 1 team per competition stream.

Finally, we ask that schools please verify their competitor eligibility in the Competition Rules, as I.C.B.C. does require proof of eligibility in order to judge case responses.

Step 4:

Submit Participation Confirmation


The University Liaison will provide an official registration form, which you must fill out and return prior to the deadline in order to be officially registered for the competition.