Please find below some common frequently asked questions regarding the competition. We can’t wait to see your school in this year’s amazing competition!

Where can I find the competition rules, or more information?

The rules document, and any other information, can be found throughout this website. We encourage you to explore our website first, and if you cannot locate the information you are seeking, to email your University Liaison at

All key information regarding the competition, including the various competition streams and other key details, can be found within the Information Package. We highly advise all interested schools to review this package.

Do schools have to select the teams or can anyone apply?

Schools are not required to submit team member names during registration, and are free to determine their competitor selection process. However, schools are to nominate their competitors, whose names will be requested at the start of the Preliminary Round.

How many competitors are permitted on each team?

I.C.B.C. teams are slightly smaller than the traditional 4-person case competition team. All teams have a maximum of TWO (2) competitors, with the sole exception being the Business Policy stream, which has a maximum of THREE (3) competitors.

Can exchange students from my school currently in North America compete?

Yes, as long as the students are full-time students registered at school and they fall under the other eligibility criteria (outlined in the rules document), they are permitted to compete.

Are students who competed previously eligible to participate again?

Yes, they are eligible to compete. However, they are not permitted to compete in the same stream as they did in their prior I.C.B.C. competition (i.e. they must compete in another competition stream). Please see the rules document here for more eligibility information.

Are students allowed to compete alone?

Yes, students are permitted to compete alone as I.C.B.C. does not mandate a minimum number of competitors per team, only a maximum. However, individual competitors must compete and register on behalf of a school.

Are competitors/schools given access to past cases and case submissions?

I.C.B.C. currently provides access to a past Preliminary Round case submission along with a sample PowerPoint template on the website under “Cases” (accessible via the link here). I.C.B.C.’s past case database is always made available to competitors, with details regarding its access provided upon successful registration.

If our school sends more than one team for Final Weekend, do we need to find a Faculty Advisor for each team?

If you qualify for more than one Final Weekend spot through Preliminary Round, one faculty advisor may represent all the teams attending Final Weekend. 

Are faculty advisors required to attend Final Weekend?

In order to make the competition more accessible and cost-friendly, sending a faculty advisor is not required, although it is advised.

What is the International Invitational?

The International Invitational is a program designed to give schools outside of Canada advance notice regarding their participation in I.C.B.C. Final Weekend. In I.C.B.C. 2020, two International Invitational spots are available in the Business Policy stream. Interested schools are advised to contact the University Liaison, as soon as possible.

When is the International Invitation announced?

The International Invitational will be announced to all schools in the Finalist video released in November. However, the schools that receive the International Invitational will be notified of their acceptance far before this date.

If our school is unsuccessful in its application for the International Invitational entry? 

Given the high number of schools who apply for that method of entry, I.C.B.C. is unable to accommodate all applicants. However, we encourage interested schools to participate in the Preliminary Round and re-apply in following years.