Competition Overview

I.C.B.C. consists of two stages: a preliminary stage and a final stage. Canadian participants have one possible gateway to the Final Weekend: through competing in the Preliminary Round. However, unlike Canadian participants, international competitors have the additional option of entering an International Invitational in order to reach the Final Weekend. If successful in either route, finalists will compete with five other competing teams at I.C.B.C. Final Weekend in their respective events. I.C.B.C. features eight competitive events in which students can compete: Accounting, Business Policy, Debating, Ethics, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Management of Information Systems (MIS). For each event, excluding Debating, cases are written by industry professionals and pertain to industry specific issues. Competitors should choose to compete in the event for which their skills are best suited.



International Invitational 

June-July, 2017

Through an application process, schools are selected based on submitted statements of interest and several other aspects. Successful applicants are directly invited to I.C.B.C. Final Weekend. There is one spot allocated to the International Invitational in the entire competition, with the exception of the Debating event.

Preliminary round

October 11-28, 2017

In the fall, prospective competitors begin the I.C.B.C. journey through the Preliminary Round. In this selective process, students must analyze and devise solutions to complex business cases.  Once submitted, these case analyses are then evaluated by industry professional judges and the top 6 teams in each event are invited to compete at Final Weekend.

Final WEekend

January 18-20, 2018

At Final Weekend, eight competitive events are held over two days, for which competing finalists are given about 5 hours to prepare. After preparing, teams present their solutions to a panel of judges, comprised of industry leaders and sponsor representatives. At the Final Banquet, the top three teams of each competitive event are announced.


1. University of Toronto
Kyle Kyungmin Kim                 Jiankai Wang

2. Okanagan College
Kyla Jade Wiseman                 Kirstin Pitzoff

3. H.K. Polytechnic University
Chu Wenrong                               Liu Yicun


1. Wilfred Laurier University
Leon Xu                                             Shaiyan Khan

2. Concordia University
Majed Abou Alkhir                           Ryan Garellek

3. University of Vermont
Matthew Sacco                                 Sydney Filler


1. University of Calgary
Bryton Hewitt                                   Dan Morgan

2. Queen's University
Josh McGrath                                   Alex Curry

3. University of Manitoba
Jordan McCallum                             Brady Bouchard


1. University of Vermont
Alex Beard                                         Austin Kincaid

2. Okanagan College
Anthony Peterson                           Jared Hubner

3. University of Calgary
Paul Hong                                         Ben Petros


1. University of PEI
Cullen Mullally                                   Hannah Dawson

2. University of Regina
Rochelle Berenyi                               Seth Tyler

3. University of Vermont
Scott Greacen                                   Stephen Anderson


1. Concordia University
Katherine Pereira                             Liana Di lorio

2. University of Alberta
Elena Istomina                                 Garrett Rokosh

3. University of PEI
Harrison Wood                                 Kate Kinsman

Human Resources

1. Okanagan College
Adrianna Knuth                                 Madison Blancher

2. Saint Mary's University
Caitlin Spears                                   Jonathan MacDonald

3. H.K. Polytechnic University
Yi Zhou                                              Yang Liying

Business Policy

1. University of Calgary
Austin Frank, Elizabeth Kazakov & Seema Padher

2. Queen's University
Nicola Craig, Carmen Chen & Alison Kwok

3. University of Sydney
Ricky Chan, Bob Jin & Wilmer Yan