Sponsor Representative Frequently Asked Questions

If I go into one event presentation room, do I have to stay there until all teams in the stream have presented?

No, between each team presentation there is a 5 minute break period where the audience clears the room. You can choose to attend another presentation at this time.

Do I have to attend all of the events?

No, you do not need to arrive until the start of the presentations at 1:30 PM. The time before that is used by the teams for preparation. You can choose to arrive earlier for lunch and informal networking with the Queen’s volunteers and executive team members.

You can pick and choose which events or presentations you would prefer to attend!

Which dinner should I be attending on Friday and why are the dinners split up?

I.C.B.C. rules are that judges who have not yet watched the presentations are not to meet the competitors prior to the event. Therefore, all the Saturday event judges are invited to the Judges’ dinner at Aquaterra Restaurant. All the competitors and judges that have already had the event on Friday ( Accounting, Human Resources, Ethics and Finance) are invited to Megalos Restaurant to network. All the competitors that have not yet competed and are set to compete on Saturday are invited to Fanatics Restaurant. We will allocate you based on the event that you indicate you are interested in watching to ensure you have maximum exposure with competitors you are interested in interacting with. Please indicate this in your survey option.

Could I be picked up from the train station?
Should you require transportation, please let your Sponsorship Coordinator know the time and location of your arrival, and we will make our best efforts to arrange for pick up!
Does I.C.B.C. provide accommodations if I am coming from out of town?

I.C.B.C. does not provide accommodations but your Sponsorship Coordinator can help facilitate the booking of your accommodations in Kingston. They can also provide recommendations.